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Erotic Story: A Glass Of Milk

Part I A Glass of Milk

It was late and people would be arriving in the next 30 minutes or so for the celebration dinner.  As I walked across the room to get the rest of the dinner plates and crystal out to finish setting the table for our guests I could feel my breasts bouncing with every step I took and the increase of pain.  It had been several days now since the milk had come in and my breasts were still unused to the expansion of size and the fullness.  Since they were leaking a bit, I had on a fully closed bra to prevent staining the blouse which I planned to change before the guest arrived.  Today was a special dinner party to celebrate my breast milk arriving fully and I was saving my milk for the event; however, my breasts were demanding to have some of the pressure expelled and I was not sure I could endure the pain much longer. 

I softly ran my hand around the platinum collar around my neck, something I always seemed to do absentmindedly to help me remain calm. I smiled warmly unconsciously as I looked around the room to make sure everything was perfectly set for dinner and staging of the meal was in order; I took another saunter around the dinner table admiring the crystal glasses and the smell of the fire burning in the fireplace behind me as I listened to my ankle bells jingle in rhythm to my walk in the black heels I was wearing with black stockings under my mid-thigh dark blue skirt, the sound always making me happy.  My breasts were so heavy and I reached up to touch them through the very sheer pale blue blouse which only served to add to my pain and frustration as milk started to leak out from each distended nipple.  On impulse I went to the bar area I had set up for drinks and grabbed some of the crystal cordial glasses and lined up six for each guest that would be coming.  I then slowly pulled out my right breast and felt the air hit the over- sensitized skin and protruding nipple, feeling milk leak out in a steady stream.  I managed to guide it in one of the cordial glasses and sighed as I was rewarded with a slight release from the pain of feeling so full of milk.  After filling three of the glasses; I stopped and slowly returned my right breast back within the confines of the bra and moved to release the left enlarged one to expel some of its milk into the remaining three glasses.  It was so full the air was pure pain hitting the skin in spite of the warmth of the room; I winched in pain as I squeezed the nipple to release some of the milk and sighed again as it drained into the glasses. 

It was not enough, but filling the glasses had made it more bearable to tolerate the fullness of my over sensitive breasts.  I had not yet to put my left breast back into the bra when I turned and saw my Master had returned home and was staring at me across the dimly lit room.  I wondered how he would feel about the six glasses of breast milk sitting on the bar.  “Good evening Master,” I quietly said as I smiled and started to put my left breast back into the bra when he responded, “Hello Mine, stop what you are doing.”  I froze instantly in direct response to his command without a second thought and watched him walk across the room to me as he slowed and perused the room, seeming to pay attention to every detail.  Just watching him coming towards me made the juices flow between my legs as I felt the heat of arousal being in the same proximity as him.  He stopped in front of me and noticed the six glasses of my milk and smiled a wide grin that put a sparkle of humor into his eyes.  Always watching him and feeling him smile made my face respond with a warm smile of my own and I felt my own eyes twinkle in response to having him happy and pleased with me.  In infinite slowness he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss across my lips and then slid his tongue first across the top lip and then to the lower lip in a languid trail that escalated my heart rate and quickened my breathing.  As I sucked in air I could smell my Master’s unique smell mixed with some light cologne that created a light headed feeling.  He seemed to notice how heavy my exposed breast was and reached down with one hand to lift the weight of it up and down as if he was trying to gauge the actual scale weight.  He smiled again and said, “I see your milk is fully coming in now.”  I could only smile in response. 

He leaned over staring at the enlarged areolae and distended nipple to gently, with languid slowness places his lips over the nipple as he lapped his tongue across the nipple back and forth to catch some of the milk that had dripped there.  I sucked in more air trying to endure the pleasurable torture before he finally put his mouth fully over the nipple and sucked gently at first.  I gasped from the release of milk that created a sensation of pain and pleasure and felt the wetness between my legs growing.  The more my Master sucked and squeezed my breast to relieve the pressure I sighed and moaned.  He stopped way before the milk ducts had emptied and looked at me again smiling as he examined the breast more carefully and it was evident from the veins running across under the surface of my translucent skin that my tits were growing and expanding rapidly.

“Your breasts are expanding beautifully, he said in a husky voice, tonight we will work on increasing your milk production even more and rounding your size out.”  I was only able to concentrate on his words as they fluttered through my mind and the rest of the room disappeared for me because his hand was now removing the right breast and it was receiving similar attention from his lips and tongue he had demonstrated on the left side before finally giving me some relief and sucking the milk from this one too.  The pleasure was so intoxicating and the need to feel his hands touch me between my thighs was so consuming.  I moved my hips in towards his; showing him my need to feel more fully and I slowly ran my hands through his hair to apply soft pressure to his head to encourage him to suckle harder before moving my hands down his back in an up and down motion enjoying the warmth of his skin through the shirt as I pressed my hips gently forward to seek the pressure of his. 

Abruptly he stopped suckling the milk and pulled up to kiss me again on the lips.  I could taste the sweet and strong tasting fluid he had just removed from my breasts.  He seemed very pleased with the results of all the massaging the last few weeks had produced and said I could now go upstairs and remove the bra I was wearing and put on a cupless bra to be worn under the button up sheer blouse I had on.  I hurried upstairs to change as I knew the guests for dinner would be arriving very quickly.  I quickly and carefully removed the short sleeved sheer blue blouse so I could remove the full bra I had been wearing to catch any leakage of milk and found the cupless pale blue lacey bra to put on.  I once again put the blouse back on and tucked the ends of it in the dark blue skirt’s waistband.  I walked over to the full length mirror to make a final check of my appearance and liked the way my legs looked in the stockings and heels as well as how large my breasts were standing prominently up and forward with the help of the cupless bra. I softly touched my breast enjoying how enlarged they were and the new appearance.  My hair was pulled up softly in a loose updo to show the angles of my face and expose my platinum collar more fully.  I reached over to the dresser and added a few sprays of a light soft fragrance and reapplied a red lipstick to my lips.  My eyes were sparkling blue with excitement that all the weeks of massaging had finally produced milk for my Master.  I was ecstatic to be able to do this for him.  Another item was missing, I grabbed for the clit bell that had been recently purchased and pulled my skirt up high as I felt the air hit across the naked panty-less bum in order to put the clit bell in place. As I pulled the skirt back down and checked my appearance a final time in the mirror; I felt a new surge of arousal walking back to my Master as the bell between my thighs and my ankle bells jingled that had my upper thighs soaked by the time I returned to my Masters side to greet each guest with a cordial glass of milk I had only minutes before secreted from my breasts.

Part II A Glass of Milk

The doorbell rang six consecutive times as each guest arrived with prompt punctuality.  Each man was dressed very similar in slacks, shirt and jacket that gave a slight formalness to the otherwise semi-formal feeling that was expected.  As each man was presented with a glass of milk, the look of surprise was evident and then appreciation as the looks changed from one of casual greeting to one that had a highly erotic sensual overtone.  The appraisals and looks immediately gravitated to my large breasts that were prominently displayed through the sheer blouse and underwire cupless bra.  I felt slightly nervous as the aura changed in the room and quietly slipped my hand around my Masters arm that was bent at the elbow slightly to feel reassured.  I stayed close to my Master as everyone conversed and continued to pass subtle glances my way as the milk was sipped slowly to completion and cocktails were replaced as their cordial glass emptied.  One man swirled the milky liquid around the glass very slowly and still had not drank his even though the others were more then finished with theirs.  He continued to talk and laugh at times with the rest of the room but when he finally took a sip of the breast milk he hesitated before allowing the liquid to reach his lips and caught my eye.  Only once he had assured himself he had my complete attention did he sip the liquid in a languid and savoring way that mesmerized me.  It must not have lasted more than thirty seconds; but was definitely memorable and I felt my chest rise in an aroused fashion.   My Master moved slightly and I knew it was time to prepare for the first course as he would be moving the guest into the dining room.

I asked permission to be excused to check on the meal preparations which was granted with a smile from my Master for catching his subtle hint.  I slowly moved my hand down his arm and walked away towards the kitchen feeling many eyes on me as I left the room as if I might be on the menu.  It was a very nervous feeling but yet I also felt very aware of myself as a woman and enjoyed the feeling once again of feeling my enlarged breasts so full of milk.  It was an intense feeling of being alive and also desirability.  Once I got to the kitchen, I took a fresh breath of air and tried to control my arousal from all the sexual energy in the room tonight.  My whole body was tingling and the wetness between my legs had not subsided from the earlier arousal with my Master, the last thing I wanted to do was create any disappointment by having an orgasm without permission and I was on the verge without any need for physical stimulation.  I needed to pay attention to the cook hired for this evening specifically, and see where we were with the first course of soup.  The cook was the slave of another Master whom we were friends with and she had graciously offered to help out for this evening’s celebration. Everything looked in order and I was relieved to see all courses were still on time and looking lovely for our guests.  It was to be a lighter meal and each course was prepared with that in mind.  Dinner would go smoothly from all indications and the cook would be dismissed to leave after the last course was cleared to make way for a dessert of small dark chocolate truffles and nothing else.

I returned quickly back the parlor room where everyone was still conversing and enjoying cocktails.  As I approached I came up behind my Master and slowly dragged my hand across his lower back as I walked back to my place at his side and reached up to grasp his arm again.  He kept talking and looked down at me with a slight smile and an inquisitive look.  I nodded in answer to his silent question that things were ready to proceed as he wished it.  Within a few moments the group was asked to proceed to the dining room and a procession started in that direction.  After my Master sat down and the rest of the group was settling themselves in for the dinner festivities, I whispered to my Master, “May I be seated?”  He stared at me a moment and then his eyes spanned the rest of the guests.  I remained motionless and feeling once again that all eyes had been brought to onto me.  I could feel goose bumps rise over my skin as once again the sexual energy of the room escalated.  My breasts were aching feeling so much attention focused there and the pressure between my legs was mounting at a rapid pace.  I refused the urge to rub my thighs together and hoped with everything, I was maintaining outward composure as I started to crave for my breasts to be fondled and sucked dry of the milk that was begging to be released.  I would have loved to be able to reach down and massage some of the pressure from my clit; but I stifled that thought and worked to keep my breathing calm as I looked at my Master.  I would have preferred to sit with him as I always craved his closeness, but knew that was not going to be the plan for tonight, at least not throughout dinner.  My heart swelled with the love I felt for him as he finally gave me permission to sit to his right in the only vacant chair at the table.

The courses were perfectly light and delicious and conversation mixed with moments of laughter would by most standards indicate the evening dinner was a success.  Throughout the meal I waited for my Master’s permission to eat and drink and felt my wetness on the seat beneath my panty-less bum.  Every now and then I would rub the lips between my legs on the seat trying to obtain some relief from the buildup of arousal.  However, that only served to aggravate it further.  I could feel the heat now all through my body and warmth rising up from my skin giving it a glowing flush in the dim lighting of the dining room.  My breasts were beyond full again as this was my usual pumping time to expel the excessive production of milk and give my breast some relief from the painful pressure.   As my sexual arousal increased it also mingled with the energy in the rest of the room and served to add a layer of intensity that even my Master was responding to as I noticed his own slight arousal displaying through his pants as he shifted slightly in his seat.

As dessert was served, a quiet hush overcame the whole room.  I noticed once again, this course was not permitted anything to drink as expressed by my Master.  I thanked the cook and watched her make her departure.  The silence of the room allowed me to hear the front door close as the cook took her leave.  Suddenly all eyes were once again on me and mostly on my breasts that took that moment to leak small drops of milk that wet the sheer blouse and made it transparent.  My Master pulled my eyes toward his which calmed me greatly and smiled as he took a bite of the dark chocolate truffle.  He made a small motion with his hand indicating I should stand up and come to him.  I was instantly on my feet and as close to him as I could without sitting on him to feel the security and safeness I always felt with him near me.  I closed my eyes momentarily just to enjoy his energy surrounding me and then opened them to look straight in my Master’s eyes so I could focused on him fully to see how I could serve and please.  I felt my breath sharpen feeling his arousal mixing with my own and then I felt a small tug on my arm which folded me across his lap sideways and as he started to unbutton my blouse, he kept his eyes focused on mine.  I felt mesmerized by his stare and could feel the sparkle in my eyes as I smiled in pleasure of being so near my Master where I always craved to be as I felt my chest up rise and fall displaying that my breathing was increasing anticipating his touch on my skin and placed my hands lightly on his shoulders.

The silence of the room no longer mattered because I could only see and feel my Master and this was always bliss for me.  I winched slightly as his hand lifted one breast up from the overstretched skin and heaviness of the milk begging to be released.  It was still dripping down and I felt his thumb rub the wetness around the overextended nipple which caused me to sigh in a hushed way.  I am sure the room was watching the display but I was mesmerized by my Master and could only feel him in this moment.  He kissed me on the lips softly and whispered near my ear, “Tonight you will please me and we will increase your milk production more fully,” all the while torturing both nipples with the small drips of milk that was leaking out.  Next he put his mouth to my nipple fully and drank deeply until I moaned and gave into the desire to pull his head in closer and harder on my breast.  He would periodically pause to switch breast or take a bite of the chocolate truffle.  I was on fire between my legs now and longed to have my clit rubbed or touched, anything as I dripped down my thighs onto his pants leaving a wet spot.  As if reading my mind he finally slid one hand between my legs and teased the outside lips while he suckled the nipples of my breasts.  Never staying on one breast very long as he played and toyed with the nipples in-between long hard drinks that made me break my reserve and moan openly never caring others were in the room watching.

As my Master put two fingers deep into the wetness between my legs, he once again leaned in to whisper in my ear, “Listen carefully Mine,” I instantly engaged my mind to catch what he would say next as I heard the command in his voice, “I want you to get up from my lap and walk to the left side of the table.  You will sit as you have on me at each man.  Only move to the next person on my command, under no circumstances are you permitted to cum without my permission.  Do you understand?” I felt a moment of panic but immediately looked at my Master and in a hushed whisper said, “Yes, Master I understand.” He removed his fingers from the tight wetness and  I got up slowly and sauntered around my Master’s chair in a very feminine way, sliding my hand across his shoulders as I made my way to his left side and to the man sitting in the first chair there.  The room was so silent only the bells on my ankles and clit added to the quiet of the room and created a musical enhancement to the sexual energy.  As I stopped at the chair to my Master’s left, I noticed the man had yet to eat his dessert as had all the other men at the table.  I paused and look toward my Master before asking permission to sit again before carefully sitting down sideways across the man’s lap which was made easier since all the chairs were armless in preparation for this evenings event.  To calm my nerves I stared at my Master eyes which never left mine.  In that moment I felt safe again and waited while the man started to enjoy his dessert of chocolates before placing his mouth unceremoniously to each of my breasts and taking his fill of milk.  I saw the pleasure in my Master’s eyes and smiled at him as I felt myself moaning from the pleasure of having more milk expelled from my breasts.  This continued around the table so each man received my Master’s milk with their dessert.  Only when I got to the last man, the man who had caught my eye earlier in the evening before drinking his glass of milk with infinite slowness did things change.  He paused before I sat and seemed to ask my Master permission to touch me more fully.  I was too caught up in the highly energetic state of arousal I was in and missed what he asked but I clearly heard my Master say yes and tell me to focus and to look at him the whole time.  This man was not like the others; throughout dinner conversation it became apparent he was a respected Master who had mentored some of the other men in the room tonight.  He took time to massage my breasts more fully before even considering putting his lips on my nipple.  He swirled my nipples between his thumb and forefinger much as he had swirled the liquid in his glass earlier in the evening.

This only served to fuel my arousal that was beyond anything I had endured previously and I was sure I would orgasm without permission from the heat and pressure between my legs.  I had to work very hard to focus on my Master and to keep my eyes open as they wanted to close in the pleasure my breasts were receiving.  I did not dare orgasm or look away from my Master though; his pull of me was so great that I do not think I could have even if the room had been on fire until he permitted it.   Finally, the man placed his tongue over my nipples he had dragged some of the center chocolate from the truffle over.  His mouth took great pleasure in teasing me and sucking harder than any of those before him; I was sure my breasts were almost completely empty now but he did not seem to care.   Pleasure occurred from having my breasts so empty; however, he continued to suckle and demand milk from me.  As he made his demands on my breasts, I felt his hand touch my wetness and sucked in air trying not to orgasm per my Master’s instructions.  I was on a tipping point of orgasming and felt tears fill my eyes from overwhelming arousal as I stared squarely at my Master and pleaded in silence for release.  He merely watched me quietly with pleasure and waited.  It felt like the world had stopped and I would surely orgasm without permission from unreleased passions when I was finally saved and called to come to my Master. 

With tears still in my eyes, I walked on unsteady legs toward him and nearly collapsed as I noticed he had moved the desert plate to his left before he pushed my back side up against the table, spread my legs with his foot, pushed up my skirt, while he pressed my back to the table and then unzipped his pants and impaled his cock into the extreme wetness of my pussy.   As he whispered, “you may cum now,” I screamed in orgasm the minute he entered me and several more times before he finished his assault on me.  I could feel that his sexual arousal was in a heightened state that had struggled to remain constrained as he watched me please him throughout dessert. I never felt more his slave then moments like this where he took his use of me fully and in all ways that pleased him; even the pain of the table edge cutting into me was welcomed by me so I could serve him this way.   Feeling his semen fill me and mix with my wetness only served to bond me closer to him.   When he had eased some of his arousal within me, he instructed me to strip more fully clean him off and lay in the center of the table.  I had a fleeting thought that I was glad the table’s center had been deliberately left bare for the evening and all dishes except the small dessert plates had been removed now.  Thinking coherently at this point was a struggle as I could only hear, see, feel and smell my Master and his need, so I simply pulled the blouse off that was already fully unbuttoned from earlier and shoved the skirt to the floor, leaving only my stockings, heels and cupless bra all the while keeping my thighs pressed together to keep my Master’s semen inside me full before I kneeled down and placed my Master’s cock inside my mouth to fully clean him off.  I could feel my arousal building as I ran my tongue up and over his cock, tasting his seamen mixed with my juiced.  Once satisfied I had cleaned him well, I stood carefully and pressed my bum against the table and used my arms to help slide my bum across the table, never tearing my gaze from my Masters eyes and laid in the center of the table.  He then commanded me to spread my legs wide and rub my clit hard and fast which I immediately did.  Spreading my legs slowly I could feel the air hit the wetness on my saturated thighs and pussy as I started to rub myself as directed.  Once I felt my arousal peak again in tempo to the bell being rung as my clit was rubbed furiously, I noticed the other men had unzipped their pants and pulled their cocks out aiming in my direction as they jerked on their shafts faster and faster, almost in the same frenzy I was in.  Just as I was given permission to cum again by my Master, I felt cum shots from every direction shoot across my breasts, face and stomach and I screamed out, “Master!” in a curdling yelling orgasm that caused me to faint from ecstasy and I was sure I felt my Master smiling.  Only in serving my Master’s needs and in pleasing him was it possible to find fulfillment and euphoric happiness being this owned allowed. 

Part III  A Glass of Milk        
 When I opened my eyes again the room was empty except for my Master standing near me and running his hands through my hair telling me how proud he was of his slave.   Once he saw I was fully awake again, he instructed me to slowly get up; go get cleaned up and put on fresh stockings; fresh cupless bra and nothing else besides my ankle and clit bells.  I moved very slowly to ensure I did was stable enough to stand without falling and used my Master’s hand to help me down from the table.  He hugged me to him before swatting my ass and sending me on my way.  Once upstairs I used a warm shower to rinse my body off and then dried it thoroughly with a big fluffy towel before freshening up my make-up and perform again. I took my time getting ready again but tried to keep in under a half hour so my Master was not left waiting or needing me for something.  Finally, I gathered clean lingerie and redressed.  I had thought after dessert the evening would end but it seemed that was not to be the case.

Feeling very relaxed and smiling contentedly, I walked back downstairs swishing my hips in tempo to the bells as I moved to the living room where I was instructed to return.  The air was cooler in this room and since I had even less clothing on I felt my nipples become erect and goose bumps raise over my body as I walked proudly toward my Master.  He smiled warmly before placing a kiss on my lips and then snapped a leash to the platinum collar around my neck before tugging gently that meant to kneel beside him as he sat in his usual chair that faced the other seats in the room where everyone was now sitting.  Music was softly playing in low tones in the back ground as the men had more drinks and continued to laugh and talk.  After about another hour, goodbyes started and my Master tugged me upward as we made our way towards the front door to escort the guests out.  The evening seemed to have pleased everyone and all were in a mood of joviality as they left.  Upon returning on leash with my Master to the living room, I could see that man that had caught my eye all evening, the Master everyone seemed to have great respect for as a mentor, was still sitting in a chair sipping his drink.  He smiled laconically towards me and asked my Master his thoughts on some political matter that was the latest conversation topic in all the papers.  I remembered having read on it earlier that day and listened attentively to my Master’s views on the current subject.  I loved the timber of his voice; it always brought me a sense of peace and feelings of warmth just to hear him speak.  My Master sat down again and indicated I should kneel which I did happily.  The sexual energy in the room was still exorbitantly high and I could not help but respond to my Master’s energy.  He responded to the man he called Anton.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my Master’s political opinion mirrored my own thoughts and I listened attentively as he spoke.  I could feel my breast already enlarging again as the milk was being replenished.  I slowly ran my hand across both breast enjoying the feel of the expansion and the warm touch of my hand on the cooled skin.  My sensual movements seemed to once again capture the attention of Anton as his eyes glistened with a sexual smile seemingly to enjoy my movements.  I looked up at my Master and smiled as he glanced my way as was customary for him to look on me often.  He still seemed very pleased and relaxed in spite of the amount of sexual energy he was emitting.   His energy was so addicting to be around and near; it always filled me from the inside out with great warmth and arousal.  I could feel my juices starting to flow in response to him now and felt the pressure building again between my legs as I continued to slowly touch my breasts in response.  Nothing seemed to escape my Master’s notice and he smiled knowingly towards me as he took a sip of his drink in a languid manner. 

Anton placed his hand between his legs and adjusted himself to become more comfortable as his cock started to bulge more beneath his slacks.  The room that had been cool before now felt overly warm and I once again heard the faint tunes of the music playing.  My Master quietly said, “Stand up Mine in front of me now.”  I instantly stood up in front of him.  He kicked my right leg hard with his foot so that my stance was spread wide and then said to continue to touch my breasts and play with my nipples for him.  I responded by putting both hands on my breasts and moving sinuously over them and also pinching and pulling on the nipples in between my touches and squeezing of my breasts.  He reached out and played with the bell on my clit several times which increased my arousal.  Finally he said to stop and stood up, tugging on my leash as he sat down next to Anton and told me to face him and Anton and straddle both their laps.  I paused a moment to look down and carefully maneuver into the position my Master indicated he wanted.  Each man then proceeded to play with one breast, massaging and squeezing until the nipple was very protruded and then both men bent their head forward and clinched each nipple between his teeth and started biting it and sucking very hard to enjoy my Master’s milk once again.  I could only throw my head back and moan loudly in response.  The sounds of sucking and slurping were so arousing and when I looked down at both my Master and Anton sucking my breasts I wanted to orgasm and asked my Master if he would allow me.  He took his time answering and did not interrupt drinking the milk my breast had to offer sucking harder than he had previously in the evening. 

After what seemed forever I felt my Master move his finger slowly up and down my wet slit ringing the clit bell several times before he responded, “Cum Mine.”  My clit was so hard and stiff I felt each movement of his finger and shocked myself with a scream as I orgasmed in response to his command.  Neither man stopped sucking on my breasts and continued to milk them dry while they demanded my body produce more as they continued to suckle and nip on my breasts.  My Master then took two fingers and curled them up inside my wet pussy that was now dripping in response to him.  He continued to move them in and out and massage the soft tissue along the walls which only caused my hips to start gyrating in motion to his ministrations and the bell on my clit could be heard through my moans. When I thought I would explode my Master gave me permission to cum again and once more I screamed in shock as the orgasm hit me again.  However, he did not remove his fingers and kept the motion going as I saw Anton take a finger and play with my hardened clit adding yet another orgasm on top of the one I was already experience.  Glancing down both men were highly aroused and their cocks were stretching the seams of the pants tightly to contain their expanded shafts. 

My eyes sought out my Masters as I loved to see his desire shinning in his eyes when he is highly aroused it always adds to increase the intensity between us.  One might think I would be feeling calmer after all the orgasms from the evening but I was in an even more aroused state and the sexual energy was so intensified it demanded more from me and my body was responding.  Once they had both satisfied themselves with my breasts I was told to stand up.  As I stood Anton released his zipper and his shaft sprung out as if it had been screaming to be released it was so hard and erect.  My Master stood up and came behind me as he softly placed kisses along my shoulder and neck.  Once his mouth reached my ear he whispered to kneel down and serve him by sucking Anton’s cock.  I stiffened slightly and relaxed as he continued to move his mouth over my sensitive ear and neck.  He pulled the leash in a hard tug that let me know to comply without hesitation further and I kneeled in front of Anton and served my Master by placing the round tip of the head of his cock between my lips and licking the slit there slowly before running my tongue under the rim of the head in slow wet movements.  I placed two fingers below the base of Anton’s balls and found the small divet of space between them and the anuses which I massaged and listened to him find pleasure from my ministrations.  I heard my Master say, “good girl,” which spurred another round of juices to ease out between my legs.  I was so involved in pleasing Anton’s manhood with my mouth, that I was surprised when I felt my Master ease his cock into the walls of my pussy very slowly.  He seemed to be pulling as much fluid as possible onto his shaft and was using his fingers to move fluids up to my tight puckered ass.  Just as I started to moan loudly in spite of a large cock in my salivating mouth, I was ordered to stand again.

This time Anton stood up and removed his pants and shirt before walking over and lying on the carpeted floor with his shaft standing at attention perpendicular to his body.  My Master pulled me forward to where Anton was and removed the leash once I was standing looking down at Anton on the floor.  Only then did he also remove his clothing.  I watched him undress feeling aroused looking at his body and drooling over his cock I loved to worship.  I was instructed to get on all fours and take Anton into my pussy leaving my ass raised and exposed to my Master.  Only my Master’s cock ever had taken me in the rear as a sign of his ownership and this was never shared with anyone else.  Without hesitating to do what my Master requested of me, I got into position and clenched the walls of my vagina as I pushed Anton deep within me.  As I moved into an upward motion to pull his cock slowly out of me, I felt my Master tell me to hold that position while he slowly pushed his thick shaft into my anus and shoved hard to get past the sphincter muscles.  The moment of pain was diminished by feeling Anton’s cock push back inside me as I felt my Master’s cock pull out slowly and so the rhythm was created with my clit bell ringing on each up and downward motion.   The feeling of having both of them inside me was so incredibly full feeling; I did not feel like I had an inch of room to spare and the in and out motions were driving me wild with need to orgasm again.  I could feel my Master slowing the rhythm down to match my moves over Anton’s cock so there was a reciprocal relationship and as one cock dug into me deep; the other was pulling out.  The motion also served to make my breast bounce and move back in forth slapping and jiggling against me and I noticed Anton’s eyes were glued to the movement of my breasts.  I moaned loudly and panted as my breathing kept intensifying.  The musky smell of our sexual desires was all mingled adding to the arousal of energy flowing between us.  I could feel the veins pressing in hard through my anal muscles and knew my Master was close to orgasm himself.   In the next movements as I kept moaning and panting loudly I felt both men shoot cum into my holes as I heard my Master finally give me permission to cum. I closed my eyes drifting into the warm exhilaration of an incredible orgasm and felt tears run down my face from the intensity of this orgasm as I cried out so loudly I knew my voice would be hoarse tomorrow. 


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